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Warehousing and Storage

Whether you are seeking a warehousing service for residential purpose or commercial, warehousing and storage to handle overflow inventory, to secure and safe storage of everything from fragile to high-risk and high-security items, or simple want to reduce the variable costs. Shifting Logistics is your solution!Shifting Logistics Packing & Moving and Storage has one of the finest storage facilities in Bangalore and India with a variety of storage options for residential and commercial purpose. Regardless of the size of your storage needs or length of time you need storage services, Shifting Logistics can meet your needs.

The focus of our warehouses is managing of the incoming goods flows until they are discharged, and to protect storage of commodities without any loss or damage to them. Shifting Logistics warehouse has to discharge the goods at a right time, in the required quantity and in a well-packed form to avoid any damage while Moving.

With 20 years of Storage and Warehouse Management experience, we can solve any storage problem. Our well organised team is convenient and safe to offer total protection for your goods and our warehouse solution are designed to be flexible, and can grasp storage needs from a small documents to thousands of square feet of storage space for any industrial equipments.

When you are ready to store your valued goods, please do not hesitate to Contact Shifting Logistics Moving and Storage with questions on how we can store or move your goods.